Proper freezing of fish...

As with all seafood, including Salmon and Trout it is best to "deep freeze" your fish as quick as
possible. To do this your freezer needs to be set at its coldest setting. Try not to over load or
freeze too much at one time or you will not get a fast freeze. After your fish is frozen, you may
turn your freezer back to your normal setting. Sea food is best kept at 0 deg F.

Proper thawing of fish...

Thawing is just as important as freezing your fish. The best way to thaw fish would be in an air
tight bag in the refrigerator over night. If your fish is still frozen you may finish thawing using the
cold water method.

The Cold water method is a good way to thaw your fish quickly, to do this you would put your
fish in a water tight plastic bag, remove all air from the bag and tie it off. Place the fish  in the sink
and run
cold water over the bag until thawed. A single fillet will take about 5 to 10 min, and
larger or thicker fish will take more time.

You may also thaw fish in the microwave, but this may affect flavor and texture.

* you should never thaw fish on the counter, or with warm water ! This will result in
bacterial growth , poor texture , and flavor !

Before preparing your fish...

Once your fish is thawed it is best to rinse it in cold water. All fish and meat should be rinsed, but
wild game and fish should be rinsed extra well. This will reduce any bacterial growth, and take
the "wild" or "fishy" taste out of it.  So rinse, rinse it again, and then once more just for good
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Calorie, Fat, and Protein Content of Fish...

Serving size: 3.5 ounces (uncooked)                Calories:              % Fat:           % Protein:

Salmon -         King                              222                      15.6                    19.1
                      Coho                              136                       5.7                     21.5

Trout -          Rainbow                          195                      11.4                    21.5
                     Brook                             101                        2.1                    19.2
                      Lake                              168                      10.0                    18.3
                     Brown                                -                          -                          -
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